Duran is a great teacher, accurate, warm and competent. His teaching is of no equal value. Go ahead with your eyes closed, you'll get out of it transformed.

One can Excell in mind body soul development at this school ... highly recommended to one and all.

Gast Ton

Susanto Das

5 stars rated taiji training, awesome crew and teachers

Awesome Instructors. Authentic Tai Chi taught with amazing clarity, generosity, and much laughter. I've had many teachers, and none come close.

Emmanuel Sandu

Jamie Muir

If you want quality Taiji instruction in the UK then you cannot go wrong with HME United Kingdom! World class teachers and an authentic Taiji curriculum! These guys are awesome!!

Steffan de Graffenried

Skills are top shelf, motivated by the wish to help others.

Jim Bayer

A true blessing for Taiji-practitioners in Europe.

Willem Hartog

The real thing.

Pudy Pesaro

Outstanding genuine article, HME Tai Chi Chuan method always delivers. Highly recommended!

David Saxton

Wyvil Primary School, S Lambeth Rd, Oval, London SW8 2TJ, United Kingdom

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