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An online meditation course to take you from the beginning to true mastery

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  • Fundamentals that transform your body and mind into one that can achieve meditation.

  • Objects that transform the being and that which one achieves meditation upon.

  • Perfections that transform the character and support one's efforts to achieve true meditative states.

  • Universal & non-denominational truths that cut through confusion, delusion, and undesirable detours.

  • A teacher & videos to train with.

  • A community of experts, students, and support.

  • How to manifest the elements

  • How to achieve concentration

  • How to utilize meditation objects

  • How to align & develop the psychic centers

  • How to manifest blissful states

  • How to master & perfect the breath

  • How to transform one's character

  • How to liberate mind & body

  • How to skillfully manage the mind

  • How to enter absorption

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