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Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International is dedicated to the propagation of authentic Yang style taijiquan. With training methods to achieve one’s goals in the health, martial and spiritual aspects of taijiquan.

The basic body skills, qi gong, forms, weapon training, pushing hands and fighting skills are drawn from two Yang style lineages making what we consider to be one of the most complete and authentic Yang style transmissions available today.

Adam Mizner has trained extensively with a number of masters from both the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage and the Yang Shao Hou lineage and transmits the outer system and the inner technologies of these systems in a pure and direct way in a direct transmission as a 7th generation Yang style Tai Chi Chuan teacher.

As the system is taught, students work first through the Huang Sheng Shyan system as a direct doorway into the internal. The technology heavily focuses on developing song (release) and ting (sensitivity)  and the total abandonment of external force or li.

If and when students achieve proficiency in the methods above then one graduates to work on the Yang Shao Hou system which is considered the oldest form of Yang family taijiquan available today. The outer forms and inner technologies learned at this stage teach the student to work with his/her already highly developed internals in a new and more complex method. The training is much more demanding and difficult and basically unachievable without achievement in the previous material.

The union of these training methods into one progressive system, under the skilled guidance of Adam Mizner, produces an extremely deep and complete system of authentic Yang style taijiquan. In our experience this alive system produces results unmatched anywhere else, leading the student from beginner to entering the true door of the internal and right through to the higher mysteries of taijiquan.

Classes are taught by senior instructor Duran Mack, who is one of Sifu Mizners inner door students.

You can find out more about Duran here.

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Instructor Duran Mack has had a unique life. At age 7, his father, Andy Mack met his teacher Adam Mizner. Not long after this meeting, Andy and Adam, and subsequently Duran, moved in together, sharing a house on the Gold Coast, Australia. Duran lived with his dad and Sifu Adam for about 2 and a half years. 

When he was 12, he moved to Melbourne to join his father. His father had set up a full time, live in HME school. They were joined by Sifu Curtis Brough, Senior Instructor Paul McIntyre, and 2 other HME students.


Duran would wake up to training, he would come home from school to wrestle with his ‘uncles’, and then partake in class in the evening, and go to sleep to the sound of more training. 

The school was run in a traditional Chinese kungfu fashion, so Duran had his fair share of chores and obligations to fulfill. When Duran was 14, he and his father moved to Thailand. For 6 months they traveled throughout the country, staying and meditating in temples and remote locales with Thai masters. Duran continued his education at an international school, while his dad continued to train and live like a hermit, for the next 4 years.


Duran now teaches full time in London and runs a Bone Setting and Dissolve Therapy clinic in the luxury Hotel Cafe Royal - Akasha Spa in Piccadilly Circus, London.


Duran is an inner door student and Disciple of Adam Mizner.

About Duran Mack
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