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Dissolve Therapy is an ancient technique and view, that has been wrapped up and delivered in a very unique way.


Dissolve gives you the ability to penetrate and release the root of the contraction in your mind, emotion/energy, and body.

Now, this contraction is the cause of so much of what you experience as bad, or negative, even what you don’t feel, through numbness or blockages.

Most mental and emotional ailments - depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, boredom are all a form of contraction.

As too are many of the problems in the body. Injuries that don’t heal, organs that don’t work properly, causing intolerances and allergies for instance. The list is endless.

Dissolve is great for anxiety, anger, self-doubt, stress, fear, depression, old injuries, releasing constricted organs, allowing the body to self-heal.

We offer 3 services. Dissolve Treatments, Online Counselling and our Dissolve Therapy Fundamentals course for those who are interested in learning the technique.

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