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Can beginners join class?

Yes of course! We all need to start somewhere. You can book in your introduction lesson here, one of our team will be in touch to schedule you in.


What to wear to class?

Wear some comfy clothes, some flat shoes and bring some water.


Who is Adam Mizner?

Adam is the founder of Heaven Man Earth International. He offers an extremely in depth online taiji program which can be found here. He is also the founder of Discover Mind, to learn more about meditation from him, visit here.


What is Taiji good for?

Taiji works on cultivating mind, body and spirit. Through hard training, the body becomes grounded, clear and conductive. We’re working towards unbounding the body through training, moving Qi within and finding harmony between the fight and flight response within mind and body.


Where is the school based?

Wyvil Primary School, Trenchold St, London SW8 2TH.

You can find us here.


How to Book my first lesson?

You can book in your introduction lesson here!

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