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Step into the realm of Heaven Man Earth Taijiquan with Senior Instructor Duran Mack as your guide to authentic Yang-style practice. Explore a world of physical health cultivation through forms & body opening, along with mental & spiritual growth methods from ancient Buddhist and Daoist traditions.


Journey beyond ordinary practices under the tutelage of Sifu Adam Mizner's inner door student - unlocking unexplored potentials within yourself.

We offer group classes, private lessons and working with teams.


Our training focuses on allowing yourself to fully inhabit your body.


Through training, you'll experience a sense of profound connectedness within – one that enables clarity of mind, inner peace and stability.


Cultivating the engine of Taiji involves understanding how to find a state of release in your mind and body through "song".


Over time, this practice can lead you along a path towards greater tranquility, clarity, steadiness - all essential steps on the journey within.


Through our tai chi sessions, you will discover the strengths of both body and mind.


Gain peace, calmness, strength and harmony to experience joy in a balanced way.


Let us take you one step closer to finding inner tranquility through this ancient practice.


Heaven Man Earth International have over 35 schools across the world!


We hold annual Taichi meet-ups and workshops throughout the year.


We're all working together on this journey of cultivation of mind and body.

Join us in London or Tring!

Begin your journey today

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