In this lesson, we will begin the process of ‘unbinding the body’- years of contraction, holding tension in places we didn’t even know was possible.


I’ll run you through an easy step by step guide you can incorporate into your daily routine, to open and release the joints and fascia in the body.

Once the body is somewhat open, we will learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi!  You might be thinking of the form?  That slow thing, old people do in the park?  No no no - first, I will get you breathing properly, releasing tension, grounding. You’ll be in your body, in your feet, connected, rather than stuck in your chest, head, and thoughts. We begin to harmonize the mind, body, upper and lower, yin and yang.

You will walk away from the lesson feeling clear, grounded, calm and strong.

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Lessons take place in Kensington Gardens or online. Let me know your preference.


See you soon!

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